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Back to Basics Chiropractic is home to a group of dedicated healthcare providers who want to improve your quality of life. Our team of Chiropractors, which includes Dr. Robert Rettig, and Dr. Ross Thoelke, our Physical Therapist Kellee Orr, DPT as well as our Massage Therapist team use a multitude of techniques when you are searching for injury recovery, health improvements or pain relief.

From your first visit with one of our providers, you see the difference between alternative health care and traditional health care. For instance, our Chiropractors evaluate your symptoms and conditions to determine the source of your discomfort. Then, they focus your treatment on repairing the source, which also eliminates your symptoms. In contrast, traditional health care approaches often use medications to cover up your symptoms instead of eliminating them. Our Kennewick chiropractic group listens to your health goals and works with your body's strengths to help you achieve them. You are a complete partner in your care and our chiropractors make immediate adjustments in your care routine when needed. We are delighted you are interested in a holistic approach to your health and would like to share more about the benefits of chiropractic care with you and your family.

A Holistic Health Approach

Our chiropractors use gentle, spinal manipulations to position your neck and back in a pain-free way. These adjustments reduce pain from conditions such as sciatica, spinal abnormalities, and herniated discs. Gentle adjustments on your joints eliminate discomfort from conditions such as a frozen shoulder, runner's knee or carpal tunnel syndrome. The ways in which chiropractic care ease your body extend into many other areas such as jaw pain, headaches, allergies, asthma, digestive concerns, and fibromyalgia. If you are feeling discomfort or any unease in your body, please speak with us about the benefits of a healthy alignment for improving your daily life.

Our holistic health approach also includes services beyond chiropractic adjustments. Depending on your condition, we may suggest:

  • Massage therapy to ease muscle tension, restore range of motion and reduce stress.
  • Nutritional counseling to help you reach healthy weight goals, avoid food symptom triggers and supply your body with essential nutrients.
  • Exercises that strengthen and stretch your muscles to support daily and sports activities.
  • Lifestyle changes to promote better sleep and healthier posture.
  • Physical Therapy to involve modalities to facilitate repair and improve mobility and function

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As you can see, our team wants to improve your daily life. Yes, we are here to help you recover from an injury and reduce pain, but our overall goal is to meet your goals and position your body for better health. This means quality sleep, improved focus, and more energy. Our natural services work together to complete your healthy picture. You also feel empowered when you learn you are responsible for what you eat and how you move and the ways these two components affect your health. Our providers and wellness staff support you as you transition into care and you will feel welcomed from the moment you enter our center. We encourage you to set up your consultation today by contacting us at 509.783.2225

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