Neck Pain Treatment in Kennewick, WA

Neck Pain Treatment in Kennewick, WA

Neck Pain Treatment in Kennewick

Neck pain can have a negative impact on your quality of life. Understanding the cause of neck pain and knowing what your chiropractor can do to relieve your neck pain can help you heal from and avoid musculoskeletal injuries. As your chiropractor in Kennewick, WA, we can treat your neck pain and improve your quality of life. 

Woman with neck pain needs chiropractic care in Kennewick.

Causes of Neck Pain

There are many reasons that people experience neck pain. Some of the most common causes of neck pain include: 

  • Whiplash - Whiplash is a common problem that people experience when they are involved in car accidents. Whiplash occurs when the neck muscles develop tiny tears. Whiplash also causes blurry vision, muscle stiffness, headaches, irritability, and insomnia.
  • Text neck - Text neck happens when a person spends too much time looking down at mobile devices. This impacts the curve of the spine, causing headaches and muscle aches in the neck and upper shoulders.
  • Subluxations - A subluxation is a condition that occurs when the vertebrae press down on the spinal cord, causing tingling and numbness. 

Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain

There are many ways that chiropractic care can help people with neck pain. At Back to Basics Chiropractic, we use the following techniques to help our patients:

  • Spinal adjustment - Also known as spinal manipulation, this technique is effective against subluxations, text neck and whiplash. Spinal adjustment relieves pressure on the spinal cord.
  • Stretches and exercises. - This technique helps patients loosen their muscles and improve range of motion after an accident occurs. 
  • Massage therapy - Massage therapy is used to reduce muscle tension and improve range of motion. Massage therapy can help patients who experience neck pain because of stress.

Chiropractic care is all natural, gentle and safe for patients of all ages. 

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As your chiropractor in Kennewick, WA, we help patients manage their pain and avoid neck injuries. If you've recently suffered a neck injury or are dealing with chronic neck pain, contact us today for an appointment. Call us at 509-783-2225 to get started.

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