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Chiropractic Treatment of Sport Injuries

Chiropractic Treatment of Sport Injuries

Chiropractic care is recognized as an effective treatment for the sprains and injuries that often occur with athletic activities. Chiropractic methods can also be used to relieve lower back ache from twisting actions or hard contact during sports activities. With Back To Basics Chiropractic, Kennewick residents can find help for these injuries with non-invasive treatments that do not rely on medications that can have unpleasant side effects. Many physicians recommend chiropractic care when conventional medical treatment does not provide full relief from symptoms.

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Options for Treatment

Sports injuries generally involve the misuse of overuse of muscles, ligaments, and tendons that then become inflamed, leading to pain, swelling and reduced function. Although medications and physical therapy are the first lines of conventional medical treatment for these injuries, they may not be enough to provide full relief from discomfort and may not fully strengthen the supporting structures needed for optimum performance. Chiropractic techniques can ensure that the body is in proper alignment so that it can function at its best. Exercise and stretching activities can help to ensure that muscles and tendons receive the proper blood flow for vigorous activities. Active release technique (ART) helps to release tension as the joint is moved through a full range of motion. Graston technique breaks down scar tissue for easier movement. Dry needling provides deep muscle stimulation, especially in the hips. Electrical muscle stimulation releases tension in surface muscles. These methods are often combined to provide comprehensive treatment to aid healing and improve range of motion.

Make Back To Basics Chiropractic Your Kennewick Chiropractor

Dr. Rittig, Dr. Moran, Dr. Thoelke and the staff at Back To Basic Chiropractic offer superior care for their patients in Kennewick and surrounding communities. With experience in a variety of treatment techniques, we offer help for patients with lower back pain, disc injuries, headaches, sports injuries, work injuries, auto accident injuries and pregnancy and pediatric care. We can provide a number of methods, including chiropractic manipulation, spinal decompression, massage, exercise, nutritional counseling and lifestyle recommendations. Call Back To Basics Chiropractic today at 509-738-1025 for an appointment with a chiropractor Kennewick residents can trust to help them get back to top athletic function.

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